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A true Forex service

Ten currency e-wallets for money conversion 24/7 with wholesale exchange rates!

  1. Currency conversion at mid-market exchange rates
  2. Store funds in corresponding e-wallet
  3. Transact

The Challenge

Payment difficulties for FX/CFD trading brokerages

Companies connected to FX/CFD trading (including brokers, affiliates and technology providers) are experiencing difficulties in finding banks willing to accept their business.

Even if they overcome this hurdle, brokers are finding it increasingly challenging to find payment (for deposits) and pay out (withdrawal) solutions, including cards for their customers (traders)

How the eECREDO solution works by eCREDO UAB

The eCREDO Solution

Offer your customers a personal FREE IBAN & MasterCard fast and easy through eCREDO’s website and remote verification.

Your customers will get their eCREDO Mastercard with no credit checks and basic KYC requirements.

They can load their eCREDO IBAN via bank transfers or debit cards.

Fast card payments to their FX/CFD trading account with no declines or delays.

Fast processed payouts (withdrawals) to their eCREDO IBAN with no delays.

Use their profits in real time through their eCREDO Mastercard Debit (POS, ATM and online payments).

How it works

Forex Trading eCREDO solution flow chart FX/CFD

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