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With your eCREDO exchange you can hold multiple currency wallets under one IBAN. Split your funds across 10 of the world’s dominant top currencies and choose the time of exchange.

eCREDO offers currency conversion at near mid-market exchange rates with a  minimum spread included in the rates

10 e-wallets unique IBAN currency exchange by eCREDO UAB

10 Currency Wallets

10 e-wallets unique IBAN currency exchange by eCREDO UAB

Currencies Available:
Euro (EUR) / UK Sterling (GBP) / US Dollar (USD) / Australian Dollar (AUD) / Canadian Dollar (CAD) / Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) / Japanese Yen (JPY) / Swiss Franc (CHF) / Swedish Krona (SEK) / Israeli Shekel (ILS)

Easy & Safe Payments

10 e-wallets unique IBAN currency exchange safe payments money transfers by eCREDO UAB

Sending Payments:
Every international (cross-border) payment uses currency pairs to quote, convert and send out the payment.


When sending a payment out, please note the currency of the beneficiary that you can send to by checking each currency heading that we offer below. If the specific currency is not available, then the payment will not be executed. You can also send us an email at [email protected]


SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. SWIFT transfers can usually take between zero to one working day to complete, however they can take even longer due to time-zone differences between the sending and receiving countries. Please make sure that you send before the below mentioned cut-off times for quicker transfers.

Currency (ISO)Priority (SWIFT)Cut off times (GMT+1) Priority
Euro (EUR)0 days2:30 pm
US Dollar (USD)0 days4:30 pm
UK Sterling (GBP)0 days4:30 pm
Australian Dollar (AUD)1 day2:00 pm
Canadian Dollar (CAD)0 days2:00 pm
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)1 day2:00 pm
Japanese Yen (JPY)1 day2:00 pm
Swiss Franc (CHF)0 days10:30 am
Swedish Krona (SEK)0 days10:30 am
Israeli Shekel (ILS)1 day2:00 pm

Overseas spending

Understand the freedom of your spending overseas.

Planning ahead

Smarter spending allows for better future planning.

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